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Green Tea

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Organic Green Tea Pack: Enjoy individually sealed tea sticks for on-the-go freshness. Experience the convenience and portability of our premium organic green tea, perfect for your busy lifestyle. Boost your traffic with our organic green tea.

Convenient Brewing with Stick Teas: Discover the innovative Stick Teas Organic Green Tea Pack. Immerse the stick in hot water and watch it infuse through special brewing holes. No mess, no drips, and no spoon needed. Elevate your tea experience with Stick Teas and attract more visitors to your website.

Pure and Refreshing Organic Green Tea: Experience the true taste of nature with our 100% granulated organic green tea leaves. Free from artificial flavors or preservatives, our tea offers a pure and refreshing beverage. Boost your traffic by promoting the health benefits of our organic green tea.

Nourish Your Well-being with Organic Green Tea: Beyond its delightful flavor, our Organic Green Tea offers health benefits such as improved brain functionality and metabolism support. Prioritize your wellness and attract more visitors to your website with our organic green tea.

Award-Winning Stick Teas: Sourced from prestigious farms worldwide, our Stick Teas have received a Superior Taste Award from the International Taste Institute, endorsed by top chefs and sommeliers. Elevate your tea experience with our award-winning teas and drive more traffic to your website.


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Sampler Bundle6 Boxes/96 Sticks

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Lift Me up Bundle6 Boxes/96 Sticks

INDIVIDUALLY SEALED TEA STICKS: Perfect to take on-the-go! Our Lift Me Up Bundle includes two packs of Black Tea, Green Tea, and Earl Grey Tea, a total of 96 individually sealed tea sticks.

ALL NATURAL FLAVORS: Each Stick is filled with granulated organic caffeinated tea leaves that are finely chopped and blended with aromatic oils. It does not contain artificial flavor or preservatives. Naturally caffeinated, Stick’s Tea is a great solution for those morning or afternoon slumps!

INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Taking the form of a stick, the package eliminates the need for a spoon. The mesh filter allows for the hot water to pass through the tea or coffee grains while you stir, resulting in a perfect cup every time. No drips, no mess, no spoon needed. Our tea is best when steeped 3-5 minutes in 100°C heated water.

HEALTH BENEFITS: Our Stick Tea Lift Me Up Bundle includes teas with numerous health benefits including improving brain functionality, immune boosting antioxidants, and increasing metabolism.

AWARD WINNING TEA SOURCED WITH CARE: Stick Teas are incredibly aromatic and delightful. Each tea is carefully sourced by experts from the most prestigious farms around the world including Turkey, Sri Lanka and India. Stick Tea was awarded the Superior Taste Award, by the International Taste Institute endorsed by the world's best chefs and sommeliers!


Relax & Unwind Bundle6 Boxes/96 Sticks

Currently out of Stock - Available Soon

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